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Thursday, 12 April 2018

6 Ways to Eat Healthy While Traveling


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Whether you’re travelling for business or you’re on a family vacation, sticking to your normal healthy routine can be really difficult. Not only are there more temptations around, but you may also not have the time or access to your usual resources to make your own healthy meals. 

6 ways that you can eat healthy while traveling.

1. Know Your Best Options

Traveling often involves a limited number of food options, whether it’s because you’re saving money by taking advantage of the hotel’s continental breakfast or because you’ll be heading out for some fine dining thanks to your new business partner. Understand which common travel food options will fit best into your eating plan and stick to it.

2. Pack Snacks

If you’ll be roaming around an unfamiliar city for a day, bring some snacks with you so you won’t be tempted to stop at every cute cafe you see. The same goes for long car rides and junk-filled rest stops. Some nuts, dried fruit, and granola bars can keep you from munching on less nutritious, higher-calorie snacks, and can also help you space out your eating throughout the day, so you don’t overindulge.

3. Customize Your Order

While some restaurants will specifically request “no substitutions,” most places these days are more than happy to comply with requests for healthier options.
Substitute veggies or a salad for higher-fat or higher-carb sides, ask for separate portions of sauces and dressings, and leave off the cheese and heavy condiments.
Not familiar with the local cuisine? Consider asking your server about the healthiest options on the menu and go from there.

4. Learn the Area

Instead of flocking to familiar fast-food restaurants just because you know what’s on the menu, learn about the healthy options in the area you’ll be visiting. A quick Google or Yelp search (or an inquiry with a local) will turn up tons of restaurants that specialize in healthy fare in your travel destination or that, at least, have a wide variety of meals that won’t tank your diet.

5. Water Up

Make sure to keep hydrated on your trip and consider bringing a reusable water bottle with you at all times, especially if your trip is of the exploring the outdoors or scoping out the city on foot variety. Sticking to water can help you avoid some of the beverage pitfalls of traveling, like a few too many cocktails or glasses of wine or super sugary drinks. Keeping hydrated can also help you avoid jet lag and other travel-related health issues.

6. Indulge Sometimes

When you’re traveling somewhere that simply has amazing food that you don’t want to pass up (who wants to stick to traditional diet food on their Parisian adventure?), give yourself some leeway.
Don’t go totally overboard, but allow yourself a treat or two a day. You’ll feel less like you’re missing out and you’ll be less likely to go completely off the rails mid-trip.
[divider] How do you stick to eating healthy while traveling for business or leisure? Share your tricks and tips with us in the comments section!
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